The Identity Marketplace

The identity marketplace has been driven by the need to provide efficient, cost effective, trusted and reliable identity infrastructures to support civil government and criminal applications. For the past decade, border control and large-scale national identity programs have dominated the market landscape.

More recently, physical and logical access at airports and seaports have begun to offer significant opportunities as biometric and smart card enabled access control becomes the standard.

The future of identity will be shaped by mobility and Cloud computing. The proliferation of e- and m-commerce supported by the collision of cloud computing and smart mobile devices will accelerate demand for instantaneous global access to personal, public and commercial information at an astonishing pace.  This will require the mainstreaming of biometrics to secure the massive and ever increasing volume of global electronic transactions.

As biometric authentication becomes mainstream, established and emerging financial, product and information service providers will routinely incorporate biometrics into their identification and security protocols. They will not, however, want to assume the cost, responsibility or liability of collecting, analyzing and managing biometric and other forms of personally identifiable information (PII). Biometrics as a Service (BaaS) and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) models will emerge as the preferred approach to address this market gap.

ImageWare Systems is poised to take advantage of the evolving identity marketplace. From its inception, ImageWare has consistently delivered highly innovative, patent protected technology to the identity marketplace.  Excellence in innovation has been a guiding principal of the company’s decade-long commitment to meeting the unique and complex challenges of this dynamic, unpredictable, and demanding market. 

This legacy continues today as ImageWare pursues the leading edge of identity with its next generation Future Proof Identity platform.