IWS® EPI Suite® Support

ImageWare Systems (IWS) offers the following downloads and technical documents to assist you in using EPI Suite. For additional support, including the EPI Suite installer for Windows Vista and 7, contact your IWS EPI Suite dealer.

EPI Suite® Compatibility Update

IWS is pleased to announce that EPI Suite 6.3.030 has successfully completed platform compatibility testing on 32 and 64 bit systems for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Windows XP users will continue to use the off-the-shelf version of EPI Suite while Vista and 7 users require the new installation package from their vendor.  Please note that EPI Suite must be installed with the default Local Windows Administrator account.

Below is a link to download the latest EPI Suite Installation Instructions. This document outlines the necessary downloads and actions required to successfully install EPI Suite across all operating systems.

EPI Suite® Installation Instructions (56KB)

EPI Suite customer support for EPI Suite 6 continues to be provided by our Channel Partners. Please contact the company that EPI Suite was purchased from for further information.

Canon EOS Plug-in

EPI Suite® Canon EOS Camera Plug-in (3.1MB)

IWS EPI Suite Canon EOS Digital Camera Plug-in has been certified as compatible with the following operating systems across 32 and 64 bit platforms:

  • Windows XP Pro SP 3
  • Windows 7 Pro

Models Tested: EOS Rebel XS and EOS Rebel T3

Frequently Asked Questions

IWS EPI Suite® Most Frequently Asked Questions

NEW! EPI Magstripe Encoding Files
Evolis Encoding File (2k) - For Evolis Quantum and Dualys printers
Zebra Encoding File (2k) - For Zebra P110i and P120i printers
Datacard SR300 (2k) - For SR300 printers

EPI Suite® 6.x
EPI Suite® 6.x User's Guide
EPI Suite® 6.x Administrator's Guide
Batch print fix for IWS EPI Suite 6.0.016 (128KB) For install instructions, view this Readme
SQL Server Scripts for v6.x (14k)
Oracle Server Scripts for v6.x (14k)
Oracle and SQL upgrade scripts v4.0 (5k) - For EPI Suite 4.0 users upgrading to v6.0

IWS Mifare Encoder Hardware Testing Results
The following devices were tested successfully on Windows XP with EPI Suite 6.3.030:

  • GemProx 680
  • GemProx P2
  • GemProx PU
  • SDI010
  • OMNIKey 5121 - embedded within the Fargo HDP5000 printer
  • OMNIKey 5321

EPI Suite 5.x
EPI Suite® 5.0 Service Pack 3 (2.6MB)
EPI Suite® Classic 5.5.018 Update (137k)
EPI Suite® Lite 5.5.018 Update (137k)
SQL Server Scripts for v5.x (12k)
Oracle Server Scripts for v5.x (98k)

EPI Suite® Plug-ins
Important Notice About Activating EPI Licenses:
For Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems, all activating and revoking of EPI Builder, Designer, and Plug-in licenses must be performed with the built-in Local Windows Administrator account. This account is often disabled on installation of Windows. Please activate this account in Control Panel before attempting to authorize an EPI license.

A reminder that any EPI license must be revoked before moving PC's or formatting any hard drives. Please contact IWS Support for further details.

Please note that EPI Plug-ins need to be both installed and authorized on your PC.  Please contact your vendor or Channel Partner to obtain a plug-in serial number.
EPI Suite Canon EOS Camera Plug-in (3.11MB) - For EOS Rebel XS
EPI Suite Canon Camera Plug-in (10MB) - For A70, A75, A80, A90, A95, A510 A520, S70, G3, G5, G6 and Pro 1 digital cameras
EPI Suite Canon PS Digital Plug-in (8.9MB) - For S80, A620, A640, G7, S3 IS, G9, S5 IS, and SX100 IS digital cameras
EPI Suite ePad-Ink Signature Pad Plug-in (8.5MB) - Supports VP9805 model
EPI Suite Topaz SigPlus Signature Pad Plug-in V. 6.3.70 (8.5MB) - Supports models T-L-460USB, T-L-462USB, T-S261-PLU & T-S460-USB
EPI Suite Topaz SigPlus Signature Pad Plug-in V. 6.3.74 (8.3MB) - Supports models T-L-460-HSB and T-S571-HSB

EPI Suite® Patches & Utilities
Hardware Key Setup (1MB) - Latest driver for EPI Suite 6.x users receiving a USB hardware key
CryptoBox Read Utility (80k)
MarxProbe diagnostic tool (723k)
Codabar Patch for IWS EPI Suite Pro (606k)
Codabar Patch for IWS EPI Suite Classic (602k)
Codabar Patch for IWS EPI Suite Lite (601k)
GuardTool Reports (897k)
Database Patch (135k) - For upgrading from EPI Suite 3.0 & or 4.0 MSAccess 2.0 format database to EPI Suite 5.5
GAFilMod Utility for EPI Suite 4.0 (144k) - used to remove the first character of EPI Suite exported images
Blob Utility (118k) - Utility setting the "required" property of GA_BLOB.IMAGE_FORMAT. Only for databases upgraded to EPI Suite 5.0 where the images will be stored outside the database.

EPI Suite® Technical Documents
IWS EPI Suite 6.0 Guardtool Importer Addendum (PDF)
Canon Camera Setup (PDF)
Integrating IWS EPI Suite 6.0 with Third Party Products (PDF)
What's New in IWS EPI Suite 6.0 (PDF)
SQL Functions for Access 97 (PDF)
SQL Functions for SQL Server 7 (PDF)
SQL Functions for Oracle 8 (PDF)
EPI Suite 5.x Tech Bulletin 4 (PDF)
EPI Suite 5.x Tech Bulletin 3 (PDF)
EPI Suite 5.x Tech Bulletin 2 (PDF)
EPI Suite 5.x Tech Bulletin 1 (PDF) - GuardTool Importer Addendum