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Identity is the New Security Perimeter

Digital Identity starts with YOU

Digital Identity Platform

IMAGEWARE DIGITAL IDENTITY PLATFORM™ provides end-to-end digital identity proofing, authentication and lifecycle management solutions as a cloud SaaS and for on-premises systems. With our patented Biometric capabilities, our Digital Identity Platform includes both quick-to-deploy turnkey products and APIs for creating specialized solutions.

Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing is a critical feature of the platform, enabling organizations to validate the digital identity of individuals as part of a seamless onboarding process using a range of turnkey and highly configurable methods.

Identity Authentication

Our Identity Authentication capabilities include the broadest set of biometrics on both mobile devices and PCs, along with other multi-factor authentication methods.

Identity Management

The Identity Management capabilities include features for administrating the entire lifecycle process of digital identities related to user authentication, and is provided via administrator consoles and APIs. The capabilities can be used in conjunction with our turnkey products and for developing federated identity ecosystems.

ImageWare’s Revolutionary Multi-Patented Technology

An early pioneer in the biometric space, ImageWare was one of the first to install facial recognition in US Law Enforcement in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Today, ImageWare now holds 22 patents worldwide, with 25 pending, around biometric technology backed by a dedicated US Research and Development facility.

Anonymous Biometric Security

Only biometrics identify the true identity of a person, and only centralized biometrics can be fully proofed against government and industry sources and adequately audited.  With its portfolio of patents for anonymous storage, transmission, and matching of biometrics, only ImageWare can provide the ultimate level of authentication assurance and security.


ImageWare provides turnkey solutions leveraging the best biometric technology in the industry and can quickly embed newer and better biometric algorithms using its patented plug-in architecture.   As the biometric industry is evolving very rapidly, this ensures you can use innovative technology and avoid lock-in to specific algorithms.

High Scale, High Performance

ImageWare’s technology has proven high-performance deployments for government agencies with over 100M identities under management using a patented purpose-built architecture, rather than middle-ware like other vendors.

Free Gartner Research “Balance Trust and Agility With Good Authentication Choices for Workforce Local Access”

This Gartner white paper discusses the suitability of 8 different types of authentication methods for 16 different types of systems and use cases. Choose authentication methods that respect user experience and budget limitations, meet internal assurance and accountability requirements, and offer agility in a rapidly changing local workplace environment.

ImageWare Customer Testimonials

“Simplifying and securing the authentication process is critical to the success of both on premise and cloud resources. After an extensive search, we chose ImageWare Systems’ GoVerifyID® (GVID) allows us the freedom to choose the appropriate authentication method on a per user basis, from two-factor authentication (2FA) through multi-factor authentication (MFA) without any further integration effort needed.“

Terry Warren

“ImageWare’s GoVerifyID is now a valued member of the ForgeRock Trust Network offering a full range of two-factor, multi-factor and biometric authentication methods which provide flexibility for users. And ImageWare has a proven history of delivering highly-scalable, real-time systems as is required by our large customers.”

Ben Goodman
Vice President, Global Strategy and Innovation, Forgerock

“Our partnership with ImageWare allows us to combine best in breed biometric capability with our leading edge origination solution to provide customers with the highest possible confidence in verifying their identity on digital channels with the lowest possible effort.”

Ravi Krishnamoorthi
SVP and Head of Business and Application Services, Fujitsu

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