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Important Notice About Activating EPI Licenses
For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems, all activating and revoking of EPI Builder, Designer, and Plug-in licenses must be performed with the Local Windows Administrator account.  This account is disabled on installation.  Please activate this account in Windows before attempting to activate an EPI license.

A reminder that all EPI licenses must be revoked before transferring them to a new PC or reformatting any hard drives.

Having problems? Please contact IWS Support for further details.

Activate EPI Builder
To activate your EPI Builder, please call Technical Support at 858.683.7940. Please have your product license number ready when you call.
(Note: License numbers begin with the characters “IW”)


EPI Builder Hardware Files and Plugins

EPI Builder works with the most popular devices and operating systems. Please note that IWS Plug-ins need to be both installed and activated on your PC. Please contact your vendor or Channel Partner to obtain an EPI license for your plugin.

  • Canon EOS Plug-in

    Size: 10.7MB / Version: 6.9.101 Download

  • 3M AT9000 Scanner plug-in

    Version: 6.9.86 Download

  • IrisID ICAM 7000 plug-in

    Version: 6.9.93 Download

  • IrisID TD100 Face and Iris

    Version: 6.9.93 Download

  • ePad-Ink Signature Pad plug-in

    Size: 6 MB / Version 6.9.77 Download

  • Topaz SigPlus Signature Pad

    Version: 6.9.100 Download

  • i3 digID Fingerprint Livescan

    Version: 6.9.91 (x86 Driver) Download

Version: 6.9.91 (x64 Driver) Download

  • DirectX image capture plug-in

    Version: 6.9.92 Download

  • QRCode Layout Plug-in

    Size: 1 MB / Version: 6.9.100 Download

EPI Builder Technical Documents


Programming Languages
IWS EPI Builder® is 100% compliant with Microsoft COM technology. ImageWare also supports the following development platforms:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net – C#, C++ and Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6 – Visual C++ and Visual Basic
  • Borland Delphi


Phone:(858) 683-7940
Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm (PST) Weekdays

Email Technical Support

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