EPI Suite / EPI Builder Hardware Compatibility

This page details the results of ImageWare’s hardware compatibility testing. These results are not intended as an endorsement or recommendation of a specific unit, but rather as an impartial report on how a unit operates with ImageWare’s EPI Suite and/or EPI Builder product line. It is recommended that you review all the information accessible from these pages to determine if you can use the unit for your specific purposes.

EPI Compatible Hardware

LEGEND:     Y : Compatible     X : Not Compatible     ◆ : Note     — : Not Tested
Note: A unit recorded as “Compatible” may have negligible issues that do not affect a majority of clients but may impact your specific installation. Similarly, problems associated with a unit that has a “Note” status may be used if you are not planning to use the specific feature noted.

Testing Results

IWS Mifare Encoder Hardware Testing Results
The following devices were tested successfully on Windows 7/8.1/10 with EPI Suite 6.3.030:

  • GemProx 680
  • GemProx P2
  • GemProx PU
  • SDI010
  • OMNIKey 5121 (Fargo HDP5000 printers)
  • OMNIKey 5321

EPI Builder Run Time Windows 7/8.1/10 Testing Results
EPI Builder Run Time Compatibility tested successfully with:

  • V.6.3.015 (tested with EPI Suite v.6.3.030)
  • V.6.3.030 (tested with IWS Internal QA Testing application)
  • V.6.9.021 (tested with IWS Internal QA Testing application)

EPI Builder Plug-in Windows 7/8.1/10 Testing Results
The following plug-ins were tested successfully:

  • CrossMatch Guardian LSCAN, CrossMatch Verifier 300,
    CrossMatch Verifier 310 LC
  • CrossMatch L2 CHECK, LS1 Lite-Xe, LS1 Lite-Ue
  • ePadLink Signature Pad
  • PIV, Mifare, and TWIC Encoder plug-ins
  • All Desktop Security devices and plug-ins: Precise 250 MC (card/fingerprint reader), UPEK Touchcip BioKey fingerprint reader, U-Match MatchBook fingerprint reader

Please Note: EPI Builder Developer Setup and functionalities on the developer’s side have not been tested.


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