ImageWare Board of Directors

Kristin Taylor

President & CEO

Kristin is an innovative technology leader with over twenty years of experience spanning sales, business development, analyst and public relations, marketing, and go-to-market strategies, for leading global technology firms. Kristin started her career in the technology sector with AT&T/Lucent, followed by twelve years at Qualcomm leading the development of the company’s first computing product, and spurring the creation of a computing division. Kristin went on to form and lead Public and Analyst Relations as a Global Vice President for MediaTek Taiwan and most recently held an executive role at IBM Corporate, where she served as Vice President, Worldwide Analyst Relations. Kristin is considered an expert in the field of strategic analyst relations, guiding companies in how to drive revenue through key analyst relationships. Kristin holds a B.A. in Sociology and an A.S. in Business Management and Administration from the University of New Hampshire.

Douglas Morgan

From March 2019 to present, Mr. Morgan has served as an Advisory Board member and Consultant to Clyra Medical Technologies, a biotechnology company specializing in wound healing and antimicrobial solutions, and prior to that as a Consultant to the public parent company, BioLargo (symbol: BLGO) on business strategy and a capital raise.  He is CEO of Performance Strategies, Inc., a business and technology consulting firm where he has worked with companies across numerous sectors including security, payments and biotech, assisting them with financing strategies, market positioning, technology development and IP strategy. Earlier in his career, he helped found Hirsch Electronics, a security systems company known for its patented ScamblePad product.  He served as Hirsch’s VP Engineering managing the development of their entire line of security systems and controllers, and later as a Director helped negotiate Hirsch’s merger with publicly traded Identiv (symbol: INVE) where he again served on the Board of Directors.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from both MIT with a BS in Computer Science, and from Stanford University with an MS in Electrical Engineering, and was also a National Science Foundation Fellow.

Jim Demitrieus

James M. Demitrieus has served from 2018 to present as Managing Director of Jameson Associates, a specialty investment management and financial advisory firm. Prior to Jameson, he served in multiple positions at Eyelock Corporation beginning in 2009, including Chief Executive Officer from 2010 to 2018. Eyelock Corporation provides iris-based biometric solutions to various business verticals. Prior to Eyelock, Demitrieus served in various senior executive roles, including as President of Sherwood Valve, a division of Harsco Corporation, and as Chief Executive Officer at Aluma Systems. Earlier in his career, Demitrieus served in numerous senior accounting and finance roles, including with the public accounting firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. Demitrieus holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Adelphi University in New York.