ImageWare is looking forward to attending the 126th IACP Annual Conference and Exposition, taking place in Chicago, October 26 – 29th 2019.  

IACP is the largest and most significant law enforcement event every year, with thousands of professionals attending. The conference offers cutting edge education and training, with attendees able to choose the track and topics most relevant to their career goals. In addition to education, IACP 2019 will have hundreds of vendors present for law enforcement professionals to evaluate as potential upgrades to their departments. 

Attending the event will be John Zetterberg, ImageWare’s Director of Sales for Law Enforcement and Government. With 15 years of experience with Law Enforcement software integration and deployment, he is more than qualified to talk about the latest ImageWare partnership – the Chameleon®. This new field recognition device is a mobile capture and identification station that can be combined with GoVerifyID for authentication to any Windows OS machine. 

Instead of having to go to a capture station to input an individual’s biometrics, particularly an iris scan, Chameleon allows officers in the field to quickly capture an individual’s biometrics and compare them to the central database for identification. Officers can easily and safely identify individuals anywhere, rather than risk escalating a situation by having to transport them to the department for identity authentication.  

“This is the first field recognition device to provide the ability to capture, authenticate, and identify an iris, as well as multiple other biometric signatures. We welcome the opportunity to meet with conference attendees to demo the device as well as our desktop capture station that allows for multiple biometrics, including iris, to be captured and sent to your agency’s AFIS system, as well as the FBI,” says John Zetterberg. 

If you’d like to reserve time directly with the team, and be sure you have a chance to see this cutting edge technology in action, provide a few details in the form below. We’ll reach out to schedule a time. 

See you in Chicago!