IWS Identification Tools for Law Enforcement

Knowing A Person Saves Lives

Rapid biometric capture & identification

Imageware has a rich history of partnering with Law Enforcement, delivering the first digital booking platform over 20 years ago. We specialize in partnering with agencies of all sizes. 

1:1, 1:N Biometric Search

ID potential suspects and see their background within seconds

Multimodal Biometrics

Use Finger, Palm, Iris, Face, Voice, and SMT to ID

Biometric Fusion for Improved Accuracy

Reduce false positives by searching multiple biometrics

Easy to Use on Any Device

Use a kiosk, PC, or ruggedized tablet in the field

Integrates with All Systems

Search on data in: State AFIS, JMS, RMS, FBI

Cost Effective Quality

High resolution images and equipment

Instant Identification Anywhere


Identifying a person saves officer’s lives. There was a 28% increase in officers killed in 2020. 

In today’s climate, it’s essential both to military and public safety officers to capture multiple biometrics and quickly and accurately identify the person in front of them.  

ImageWare Law Enforcement Platform


+ Collects Finerprint, Palm, Iris, Face, SMT, and Biographic

+ Store data on-premise or in Cloud

+ Easy transfer/export of data to State & Federal AFIS


+ 1:N identification finds a match of person with biometrics

+ 1:1 verification of a person

+ Search a complete list of biometrics

+ Biometric fusion searches to raise confidence of result.

Trusted by 100’s of Law Enforcement Agencies

Trusted by 100’s of Law

Enforcement Agencies

Certified Partners and Hardware

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