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Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill recently conducted an interview with Jeff Harris, senior vise president of ImageWare Systems. The conversation begins with some background on the biometric identity services company before looking at its recent CITA award and Harris’ thoughts on the ongoing debate over authenticating on-device and in-the cloud.

Peter O’Neill, President, Mobile ID World (MIDW): Can you please provide our readers with a brief background of the company?

Jeff Harris, SVP, ImageWare Systems (IWS): Between new login convenience tools like single sign on (SSO), requests for password resets, and even stolen identities, how do you know that the person requesting access is genuine?  Biometrics is the most reliable and secure method to verify a person’s identity prior to granting them access.

ImageWare Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of biometric-based identity enrollment, management, and verification services. Our core product GoCloudID, powered by our unique ImageWare Biometric Engine, offers Biometric Identity Verification Software as a Service.  We enable customers to verify user identities before they access their network, their applications, or their sensitive data.

ImageWare Systems offers a family of mobile and fixed-station biometric enrollment and identity verification applications connected to a secure cloud-based biometric matching engine. Customers requesting identity verification for their SSO or active directory users, to verify financial transactions, records release approvals, or even a sensitive data folder or document, can all leverage our biometric platform.  Our mobile client application, GoVerifyID, makes enrollment and identity verification fast and easy on virtually any modern smart device.  It requires no special hardware or user configuration.

ImageWare is the only biometric identity management company in the market capable of supporting virtually any biometric modality, offering multi-biometric fusion, and securely storing and matching biometric data in the cloud anonymously. Multi-modal fusion capable of continuously leveraging the latest best-in-class biometric algorithms from the widest range of vendors, and secure anonymous storage of biometric data – that is what we do.

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