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Global economic vitality demands an efficient, cost effective, and secure transportation infrastructure that facilitates the free flow of trade while safeguarding people and property from domestic and international threats. However, significant challenges remain to guarantee the security of the port facilities that enable a thriving ecosystem of global trade.

Each year, 75 million flights across a global network of 14,000 airports support nearly six billion passenger trips and move 91 million tons of cargo. At the same time, 55 thousand merchant ships carrying eight billion tons of cargo make more than ten thousand ports of call weekly across a network of 960 ports worldwide.
These critical transportation hubs employ millions of workers and millions more — contractors, visitors, crew members, truck drivers, and delivery staff – have access to secure areas at these locations. Identifying and vetting these individuals while simultaneously facilitating and controlling their access within these critical air and seaport facilities is vital to enabling secure, efficient, and reliable global trade.

Port security faces additional challenges as technology advancements in mobility and cloud computing proliferate in port environments and play an increasingly important operational role. Shared security infrastructures will emerge among facilities owned or operated by individual or partnered organizations across states, and regions both domestically and internationally. 

This evolution of port security towards a “virtual perimeter” created by complex, interconnected networks of network – both physical and logical – will demand identity-based security. This type of security can only be delivered through advanced, biometric-based identification and credentialing solutions.

ImageWare CloudID® Is The Identity Security Solution

Building on its legacy of sustained excellence in innovation, ImageWare® delivers Port Security breaking new ground with its next generation ImageWare CloudID®.

ImageWare CloudID is a revolutionary, new, enterprise-class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based software platform for creating extraordinarily modular, flexible and scalable Future Proof identity solutions for port security.

ImageWare also provides the CloudID platform in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model called GoCloudID.

ImageWare CloudID® Provides Critical Capabilities for Port Security

ImageWare CloudID offers an unsurpassed ability to rapidly develop and deploy highly modular, cost effective, customized biometric identity management and advanced credentialing solutions for a federal employee ID card. Solutions that can be easily reconfigured to adapt to evolving requirements, respond to emerging mandates, and technology advancements.

Accelerates development and deployment of enterprise-class, biometric identity management solutions for government eID programs.
Provides a level of modularity, interoperability, and massive scalability – from mobile devices to large-scale databases — previously unavailable in the biometrics and credentialing marketplace.
Easily reconfigured to respond to evolving and new functional requirements, mandates, and technology advancements, as well as emerging market trends and innovations.
Achieves optimal performance in cloud-based environments or as cloud-ready software operating within networked client server and data center IT infrastructures.

Built on ImageWare Biometric Engine®, ImageWare’s highly acclaimed biometric management platform, with more than a decade of proven results.

Integrates any type or number of biometric modalities, matching algorithms, and capture devices that can easily be swapped out without impact to solution architecture, performance, or usability.

Total platform flexibility allows server platforms, business services, or application modules to be updated or replaced with custom or third party alternatives.

Integrates with existing identity solutions, leveraging established biographic, contextual, biometric, and other image/text data.

Ability to centralize or distribute in any configuration; modify or upgrade without impacting solution architecture, performance, or usability.

Modular structure allows integrators and solution providers to create adaptable solutions that can be efficiently and cost effectively customized to reduce investments and accelerate deployments.

Allows for ongoing biometric data and credentialing updates based on evolving security demands, innovations, and standards.

Port customers understand that ImageWare CloudID’s modular, interoperable, SOA approach means their current needs will be met while their identity infrastructure investment will be preserved.

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