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Border Control

Border Control Challenges

Border control is driven by the need to provide efficient, cost effective, trusted and reliable identification infrastructures that resolve the contradictory priorities of heightened security and enhanced cross- border facilitation. This has driven accelerated adoption of advanced, multi-modal biometric credentials, identity infrastructures, and the automated border control systems that rely on them.

The global ePassport and eVisa infrastructure includes more than 100 countries projected to issue nearly 200 million credentials annually with total circulation reaching one billion documents globally by 2014. More than 4000 automated border-crossing gates that leverage these credentials are currently in place with adoption projected to double or triple during the next ten years¹.

Biometric-based identification, credentialing, and security protocols that secure the identity-based “virtual perimeter” formed by these shared security infrastructures will expand. Plus, these credentials – physical and logical – will be leveraged to secure additional government and commercial transactions.

Meeting the ongoing and often conflicting demands of this growing border control infrastructure, requires continued innovation and significant reinvestment as the underlying identity infrastructures are not robust enough to flexibly respond to evolving requirements. 

This “virtual perimeter”, a complex interconnected network of networks, will demand an unprecedented level of operational reliability and flexibility, built upon an advanced, multi-modal biometric based identification and credentialing infrastructure designed to meet this challenge.

¹ The Global ePassport & eVisa Industry Report, Acuity Market Intelligence, July 2010

ImageWare CloudID® Is The Identity Security Solution

Building on its legacy of sustained excellence in innovation, ImageWare® delivers Port Security breaking new ground with its next generation CloudID®.

ImageWare CloudID is a revolutionary, new, enterprise-class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based software platform for creating extraordinarily modular, flexible and scalable Future Proof identity solutions for port security.

ImageWare also provides the CloudID platform in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model called GoCloudID.

Critical ImageWare CloudID® Capabilities for a Federal Government ID Card

ImageWare CloudID offers an unsurpassed ability to rapidly develop and deploy highly modular, cost effective, customized biometric identity management and advanced credentialing solutions for a federal employee ID card. Solutions that can be easily reconfigured to adapt to evolving requirements, respond to emerging mandates, and technology advancements.

Accelerates development and deployment of enterprise-class, biometric identity management solutions for government eID programs.
Provides a level of modularity, interoperability, and massive scalability – from mobile devices to large-scale databases — previously unavailable in the biometrics and credentialing marketplace.
Easily reconfigured to respond to evolving and new functional requirements, mandates, and technology advancements, as well as emerging market trends and innovations.
Achieves optimal performance in cloud-based environments or as cloud-ready software operating within networked client server and data center IT infrastructures.

Built on ImageWare Biometric Engine®, ImageWare’s highly acclaimed biometric management platform, with more than a decade of proven results.

Integrates any type or number of biometric modalities, matching algorithms, and capture devices that can easily be swapped out without impact to solution architecture, performance, or usability.

Total platform flexibility allows server platforms, business services, or application modules to be updated or replaced with custom or third party alternatives.

Integrates with existing identity solutions, leveraging established biographic, contextual, biometric, and other image/text data.

Ability to centralize or distribute in any configuration; modify or upgrade without impacting solution architecture, performance, or usability.

Modular structure allows integrators and solution providers to create adaptable solutions that can be efficiently and cost effectively customized to reduce investments and accelerate deployments.

Allows for ongoing biometric data and credentialing updates based on evolving security demands, innovations, and standards.

Border Security customers understand that ImageWare CloudID’s modular, interoperable, SOA approach means their current needs will be met while their identity infrastructure investment will be preserved.

ImageWare Delivers Border Control

ImageWare has more than a decade of proven expertise delivering multi-modal biometric screening and credentialing solutions for border control and other large-scale national identity programs. This includes issuing tens of millions of identity cards, drivers’ licenses, passports, and visas in dozens of countries across the globe.

One of ImageWare’s premier border control deployments is with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s (CATSA) Restricted Area Identity Credential (RAIC). ImageWare provides the centerpiece biometric identity management system, the world’s first dual biometric airport identification program for non-passengers accessing restricted areas of the airport.  

The system provides local and centralized enrollment and matching of multi-biometric data in support of the creation and issuance of dual biometric (iris and fingerprint) enabled smart cards for more than 100,000 airport workers at 28 airports nationwide.

Border Control customers understand that ImageWare CloudID’s modular, interoperable, SOA approach means their current needs will be met while their identity infrastructure investment will be preserved.

Case Study: El Hongo Prison, Baja, Mexico

Upon its opening in the summer of 2002, El Hongo Prison—the most secure, high-tech detention facility in Latin America—was challenged with processing more than 2,500 of Mexico’s highest-risk inmates. These inmates were to be simultaneously relocated to El Hongo from the La Mesa penal colony known as “El Pueblito”.

What proved more challenging was that none of the inmates at La Mesa were documented—a process that must happen prior to their relocation. So, El Hongo turned to ImageWare Systems and their flagship product, Crime Capture System (CCS).

ImageWare’s technology enables large scale prisoner movement through the Crime Capture System (CCS), which is a scalable, easy-to-use digital booking and mugshot system that enables law enforcement to capture, store, and retrieve images and related information.

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