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Financial Services

Fraud is Costing Banks Billions


Financial Services data lost to cyber crimes will climb to $2 trillion by 2019


The average cost of a data breach in the US is over $8M


81% of data breaches are caused by weak, default, or stolen passwords.

Data Breaches Cause Organizations


In Lost Revenue


In Lost Customers


In Lost New Business

Banks and Financial Services need to deploy stronger, user-friendly, customer authentication and workforce authentication.

What is the solution? Turnkey Identity Authentication for the Financial Services Industry

GoVerifyID® provides two-factor (2FA) and multi-factor biometric user authentication across all platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, Linux, and other systems. Organizations and users can select the 2FA methods of their choice including phone-as-a-token, secure push notification (e.g., yes/no), and PIN; as well as the biometrics of their choice, such as face, voice, fingerprint, iris, and palm. Biometric matching can be performed on-device, in the cloud, or on your own servers.

GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite provides seamless integration with nearly all security infrastructure commonly used in the retail industry. This includes certified integrations with products from Microsoft, CA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, ForgeRock, and HPE.

GoVerifyID® End-to-End Capabilities

Many use cases exist for adding 2FA, Biometrics, and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to business processes within enterprises, the retail industry, the banking industry, and in healthcare organizations. Some of the most obvious use cases are described below. Using GoVerifyID is beneficial any time you need assurance of the identity of the person accessing a system or making a transaction.

Workforce Use Cases

  • Computer Access
  • Application Access
  • Network Access
  • Public Cloud Access
  • Token Replacement
  • Password Reset

Banking Customer Use Cases

  • Identity Proofing
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • PIN-free, Card-free ATM
  • Transaction Confirmation
  • Mitigate Fraud

Financial Services Datasheet

GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite provides seamless integration with the security infrastructure that is commonly used in the financial services industry. This includes certified integrations with products from Microsoft, CA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and HPE.

Financial Services Webinar

This instructive webinar covers the use of GoVerifyID in regards to biometric authentication for the Financial Services/Banking industry. Learn how to use face, voice, or fingerprint to log into ​your​ Microsoft ​infrastructure.

See how GoVerifyID provides ​both ​a better user experience ​and​ enhanced security at a lower ​cost ​with ​easy deployment.

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