Avoid fraud, verify against blacklists and ensure no duplicate identities

To provide secure and efficient services, government agencies need to combat the ever-growing threat of cybercrime. The most effective strategies revolve around identity.

ImageWare developed a suite of solutions to identify, credential, authenticate, access, and manage subjects that access government systems and facilities.

ImageWare’s Unique Benefits

The best-in-class multimodal biometric platform for you to control


Higher Accuracy = Trusted Identities

Exponentially increase the accuracy of your searches with multimodal biometric fusion.



Able to biometrically identify a whole country seamlessly.

Your Platform, Your Data

All personal data loaded into the system is yours, always – even if switching vendors.

No More Identity Fraud

Create trusted digital identities with multimodal biometrics. Leverage de-duplication methods and anti-spoofing to assure unique identities.

Problem-free Operation

We support and maintain your platform continuously so you can focus on your business.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Gain control of your platform by removing lock-in vendors.

Enhance Performance by Modernizing Your System Anytime

Upgrade your biometric algorithms to new, faster, more precise and affordable ones, without halting operations.

Open Architecture – Multi Vendor Interoperability

Securely exchange information between different programs and vendors’ agencies.

The ImageWare Digital Identity Platform

Enhance your identity, credential, and access management deployments with biometric technology. Trust your digital identities by deploying multiple biometric modalities to perform identifications and verifications. Create a federated identity source that can offer biometric capabilities across your organization. Learn more about our platform.


Onboarding & Identity Verification

Create trusted digital identities with adjustable levels of assurance.

  • Customize the way you collect data from users - fixed or mobile.
  • Resolve claimed identities to a single, unique identity.
  • Validate that the claimed identity actually exists.

Identity Verification

Achieve the strongest level of identity assurance by authenticating with biometrics.

  • Able to require biometric authentication with multiple modalities for sensitive actions.
  • Centralize biometric authentications to control access to key resources.
  • Face, fingerprint, palm, voice, and a dozen other biometrics supported.

Identity Management

Supports the full identity lifecycle, from creation to offboarding.

  • Empower Digital Citizens to control and share their personal data.
  • Update identity data and add modalities on demand.
  • Create multiple ecosystems with different views of the same digital identity.

Specific Industries

ImageWare has over three decades of experience with the most stringent clients in the government sector.

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