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Law Enforcement Software Solutions

ImageWare Law Enforcement software is a scalable, easy-to-use digital booking, identification, and investigative solution accessible via PC, web-based, wireless, or data sharing platforms. The law enforcement database software components listed below cover the full range of law enforcement booking and investigation.


Law Enforcement Investigative

The investigative module of ImageWare Law Enforcement software provides for the creation of non-prejudicial electronic mug books and photo lineups. In-depth searches allow for the display of similar images, either in a printed format or displayed directly from a computer screen, for viewing by a witness.

Law Enforcement Software Web Functionality

The Web version of the ImageWare Law Enforcement database software allows a user with credentials to search, view, and print record information/images from any computer that may access the intranet. The creation and printing of electronic mug books and photo lineups are also included.

Law Enforcement Capture

ImageWare Law Enforcement database software creates records and captures images (facial, fingerprint, iris, SMT, etc.) as well as biographic text data. This information may easily be synchronized with existing agency’s JMS, RMS, or Livescan systems so redundant data entry is either limited or eliminated. Officers can use this law enforcement records management sofware to perform detailed searches that allow them to create unique reports and print ID badges or wristbands.

Law Enforcement Facial Recognition

Facial recognition adds significant power to the suspect identification process. This option searches through the database for matches to a suspect probe image. All potential matches to the image are displayed quickly and in order of confidence. Facial recognition searches may be performed via the Investigative or ImageWare Law Enforcement Web client.

Credentialing for Law Enforcement

EPI Designer allows each agency to create/revise report formats or id card/wristband templates for use with the data and images stored within the ImageWare® database. Using this tool, users may encode barcodes and ghost images as well as include any data elements or images that have been captured by the system.

ImageWare Law Enforcement Product Brochures

Imageware QuickCapture

Imageware QuickID

Imageware Biometric Engine

Case Study: Arizona Department of Public Safety

For years Arizona has been leveraging ImageWare technologies to not only capture digital mugshots and booking data, but to share that data among 24 Sheriff, Corrections, and Police Departments in addition to federal agencies, such as the FBI, INS, and Customs.

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