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“With the surge in high profile data breaches recently, are user names and passwords the best way to ensure the people logging into corporate networks are who they say they are?  ImageWare Systems is betting that businesses want better authentication — particularly for remote access from smartphones, tablets and laptops.” — Mike Freeman, The San Diego Union-Tribune

This recent article in the San Diego Union-Tribune by Mike Freeman explores our newest product and features highlights by our CEO and chairman, Jim Miller.

“The hackers have found a way to impersonate you and me,” said Jim Miller, chief executive of ImageWare. “If I hack your password, and I am remotely accessing your company’s network, as far as they know, I am you with the way security is conducted today.”

Citing research from IBM, Miller said 77 percent of businesses reported a data breach last year. Their average cost was $3.8 million.

Some of the headline grabbing cyberattacks, such as the Target breach, led to top executives getting fired.

“The enterprise is getting absolutely trashed,” said Miller. “People are trying to hack into these companies daily. So there is a pressing need, and when your C-suite starts to lose jobs, you tend to give a little more attention to the issue.”

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