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Certified integration with IWS GoVerifyID® offers ISAM users multi-modal biometric authentication with mobile devices 

SAN DIEGO, CA (October 2, 2017) – ImageWare Systems, Inc. (ImageWare or IWS) (OTCQB: IWSY), a leader in mobile and cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions, today announced it has received IBM PartnerWorld’s Ready for IBM Security Intelligence designation for its GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite. As a result, ImageWare’s GoVerifyID has been validated to integrate with IBM Security products to help better protect its customers around the world.

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID provides multi-modal biometric user authentication using mobile devices and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). GoVerifyID, combined with IBM’s flagship access management platform, IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM), allows users to swipe a fingerprint, take a selfie, or provide a voice sample on their mobile device to authenticate for any ISAM managed resource. GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite is an end-to-end, enterprise-ready, security solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing ISAM authentication processes, providing a secure and user-friendly experience, while allowing you to adopt new biometric modalities as they are available.

“Flexible mobile biometric authentication, combined with secure web application access provides the ultimate in security and friendly user experience,” said ImageWare Chairman and CEO Jim Miller. “ISAM users can now enjoy seamless integration and instantly access all of their apps by simply taking a selfie, using a fingerprint or speaking a passphrase. And, of course, as with all IWS mobile authentication products, users can always avail themselves of the latest advancements in biometric technology if they choose to do so as our GoVerifyID products are supported by our patented ImageWare Biometric Engine® that allows for unparalleled flexibility, scale, and security.”

The Ready for IBM Security Intelligence alliance is designed to promote technology collaboration and integration to expand and enhance security coverage, collapse silos of information, and increase situational awareness and insights. With the PartnerWorld program and Ready for Security Intelligence validation, IBM supports collaboration with its Business Partners to enable the integration of product capabilities and improved security capabilities for mutual customers.

About ImageWare Systems, Inc.
ImageWare Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of mobile and cloud-based identity management solutions, providing biometric authentication solutions for the enterprise. The company delivers next-generation biometrics as an interactive and scalable cloud-based solution. ImageWare brings together cloud and mobile technology to offer multi-factor authentication for smartphone users, for the enterprise, and across industries.

ImageWare’s products support multi-modal biometric authentication including, but not limited to, face, voice, fingerprint, iris, palm, and more. All the biometrics can be combined with or used as replacements for authentication and access control tools, including tokens, digital certificates, passwords, and PINS, to provide the ultimate level of assurance, accountability, and ease of use for corporate networks, web applications, mobile devices, and PC desktop environments.

ImageWare is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices in Portland, OR, Ottawa, Ontario, and Mexico City, Mexico. To learn more about ImageWare, visit; follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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