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Intelligent Anti-Spoofing System

The lack of both security and ease of use has limited the adoption of face authentication systems. To solve this challenge, ImageWare® Systems is proud to announce Biointellic™ Intelligent Anti-spoofing System.

Biointellic, an addition to our existing Digital Identity Platform, is a revolutionary zero-friction, anti-spoofing facial recognition system. With state-of-the-art anti-spoofing technology, it is designed to prevent intruders from breaching biometric authentication systems.

By analyzing liveness, Biointellic is able to distinguish between a real, live person and a presentation attack, which is when an intruder presents a picture, video, or wears a 3D mask in an attempt to trick the system. Along with the industry’s most advanced liveness detection capabilities, Biointellic offers a zero-friction experience.

Biointellic doesn’t require any extra steps from the user, besides a regular selfie from any standard smartphone. Other solutions require burdensome steps, such as moving the camera, smiling, blinking, and even subject the user to extraneous lights. With Biointellic, the verified user is granted access with a simple glance.

Biointellic’s Superiority in both Security and Ease of Use

Frictionless Experience

Providing an easy and seamless experience is imperative for us at ImageWare. That is why Biointellic’s development was centered around the idea of a zero-friction solution.

Besides providing absolute security, an authentication system must be easy to use. In an attempt to detect liveness, some solutions require odd steps from their users, such as:

  • Head movements
  • Blinking
  • Smiling
  • Following red dots with their nose
  • Flashing lights
  • Moving the camera closer or further from the user 

Biointellic does not require any extra steps – just a glance at the user’s face.

Presentation Attacks & Anti-spoofing

The undeniable convenience of face-recognition based biometrics has made it an attractive target for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Biointellic™ Intelligent Anti-spoofing System provides peace of mind and security as it detects presentation attacks better than any other solution. Presentation attacks include but are not limited to:

  • Print attack: The attacker uses someone’s photo, either printed or displayed on a digital device.
  • Video attack: A more sophisticated way to trick the system, which usually requires a looped video of the victim’s face. This approach attempts a more natural look through behavior and facial movements.
  • 3D mask attack: As the most complex form of attack, using a 3D mask of the person being impersonated provides the biggest challenge for anti-spoofing systems. In addition to natural facial movements, it enables ways to deceive some extra layers of protection such as depth sensors.

Technical Features & Benefits

  • Standard hardware: Biointellic works with a standard camera on any smartphone and does not require any additional hardware.
  • Advanced technology: The solution is based on AI technology, including neural networks and machine learning to provide the most accurate results in the industry.
  • Server-side solution: All anti-spoofing analysis is performed on the server, eliminating the need to install any AI software components on the user’s phone.
  • Separate anti-spoofing and matching technology: Nearly any biometric matching technology, including industry-leading NIST-validated products, can be used in conjunction with Biointellic.
  • Scalability: ImageWare’s anti-spoofing technology can be dynamically scaled to handle peak loads.
  • Choice of deployment model: ImageWare provides this technology as part of its SaaS solution, or it can be deployed on-premise or in hybrid models, as preferred by the customer.


Biointellic has been thoroughly scrutinized at ImageWare to ensure its effectiveness – tested against a multitude of presentation attack forms and in countless scenarios.

However, talk is cheap, which is why Biointellic is being certified by a NIST-accredited independent agency for compliance with the ISO/SEC 30107-3 standard for presentation attack detection (i.e., anti-spoofing), becoming the only face authentication system that is frictionless and uses top-rated NIST face matching.

You don’t have to only take our word for it that Biointellic is the best anti-spoofing, frictionless solution in the market – hear it from some of our customers below.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Biointellic

“Facial recognition solutions are being rapidly adopted, and with that progress, the sophistication of security threats increases. Enterprises are now more than ever taking their security seriously, and with Biointellic Intelligent Anti-spoofing System, Fujitsu customers can experience even more peace of mind knowing presentation attacks will be caught.”

Vic Herring
Vice President, Head of Global Software Center, Fujitsu Technology and Business America

“Biometric authentication has the rare capability to simultaneously improve user experience and security. By Implementing anti-spoofing technology on the server-side, ImageWare provides protection against a variety of sophisticated attacks while ensuring the best possible user experience is preserved.”

Ben Goodman
SVP, Global Strategy and Innovation, ForgeRock

Biointellic Intelligent Anti-spoofing System is a part of ImageWare’s Digital Identity Platform, an end-to-end digital identity proofing, authentication and lifecycle management solution provided as a cloud SaaS or for on-premise deployments.

Biointellic In The News

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