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EPI Suite® is the market’s most robust photo ID badge software solution that enables users to design, print, and encode high security, professional ID badges and credentials.

EPI Suite’s extensive set of features incorporate ease-of-use and efficiency into every step. ImageWare’s smart face-finding tool enables any camera to automatically locate, center, and crop a face.

Through its customized camera driver, the image is then easily transferred into the database to speed and simplify the ID badge enrollment process. With minimal training, users can quickly create a consistent and high-quality photo ID badge.

EPI Suite comes with standard ID badge design or users may custom create an unlimited number of full-color, dual-sided ID badges. EPI Suite also comes with a variety of design tools that enable users to:

  • Add barcodes and magnetic strips to ID badge designs
  • Import graphics for backgrounds
  • Add logos, text, and more

EPI Suite is set apart by its ability to efficiently manage large amounts of data, photos, and ID badge designs. As a result, searching for, sorting, and creating multiple cards is much faster and easier.

To enhance security, EPI Suite is password protected and includes the ability to encode data onto ID badges with magnetic strips, barcodes, or smart chips.

Regardless of your organization’s specific requirements, there is an EPI Suite product that is right for you.

EPI Suite® Lite

EPI Suite Lite is ImageWare’s entry-level photo ID badge software. It is an ideal solution for K-12 schools, health clubs, apartment complexes, civic organizations, corporations, and virtually any small to medium-sized organization needing to create a single ID badge on a stand-alone workstation. EPI Suite Lite offers users the ability to select from a variety of pre-configured designs to create full-color, dual-sided photo ID badges.

EPI Suite® Classic

EPI Suite Classic is ImageWare’s mid-level photo ID badging software built to meet the requirements of medium-sized organizations, such as hospitals, schools, or corporations. EPI Suite Classic enables users to design, populate, and print hundreds of ID badges on a single workstation. It is designed to accommodate dual-sided, multiple card printing, and encoding barcode/magnetic strips inline with the printing process.

EPI Suite® Pro

EPI Suite Pro is ImageWare’s premier photo ID badge software for large organizations with multi-user network installations that need to cost-effectively issue, manage, produce, and control thousands of secure ID badges. It is designed specifically to manage large amounts of data, images, and badge designs. EPI Suite Pro enables users to:

  • Track and issue multiple badges per person
  • Automatically populate multiple badges with one person’s data, eliminating redundant data entry
  • Conduct a variety of batch operations like reissuing, updating, printing, or adding groups of badges at once
  • Encode magnetic strips, barcodes, and smart chips inline with the printing process

EPI Suite Pro is ideal for large or multi-facility corporations, government organizations, transportation companies, public utilities, and universities.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

EPI Builder® is a software developer’s kit (SDK) that enables software engineers, system integrators, and OEMs to develop custom identification solutions or incorporate sophisticated identification capabilities into existing applications. In some instances, developers have added ID capabilities into their applications with as few as 100 lines of code.

Designed specifically for high-end credentialing applications, EPI Builder is used for the production of highly-secure passports, driver licenses, national IDs, health cards, multi-application campus cards, transit cards, and other documents.

EPI Builder® was created with flexibility in mind to accommodate today’s rapidly shifting market requirements:

  • EPI Builder’s open architecture enables developers to easily change cameras, biometric devices, printers, barcodes, databases, and encoders without having to recode their entire applications. As a result, users can efficiently respond to shifting market demands and customer requirements with little impact on development cycles.
  • By leveraging industry-recognized standards like BOP, BIOAPI, COM, ActiveX, and ODBC, EPI Builder enables developers to use familiar interfaces, reduce learning curves and development cycles, and dramatically improve time to market.
  • Nearly a third of development costs can be attributed to testing and compatibility issues. EPI Builder supports a wide array of peripherals, readily integrates with existing software/hardware, and supports the interchange of biometric capabilities. As a result, development and testing periods are reduced, enabling developers to reduce costs and keep pricing competitive.

EPI Builder® additionally enables developers to:

  • Acquire and store biometric minutia and encode this data inline with the printing process to a smart chip on an ID card or passport
  • Add powerful face-finding technology to the image capture process that automatically locates a face, then centers and crops the image to the perfect size every time
  • Customize 2D barcode encoding software to store and retrieve biometric, image, and textual data
  • Build applications to conduct online employee background checks before ID cards are issued (some customization required)
  • Translate to virtually any language in the world, including double byte languages, such as simple Chinese
  • Write custom capture plug-ins to bypass traditional TWAIN or Video for Windows interfaces and talk directly to device-specific drivers, for fast image capture in high volume enrollment applications
  • Develop plug-ins to watermark, enhance or encrypt images for high-end security applications
  • Create custom drivers for any camera
  • Develop synchronization applications to extract information from human resource, student information, or other third party databases and import this data to the IWS EPI Builder database.
ImageWare EPI Builder Components
  • Design Component
    Easily add graphics, logos, photos, signatures, fingerprints, barcodes, static/dynamic text, smart chips, and magnetic strips with our full-featured design application.
  • Capture Component
    Quickly captures modal, modeless and asynchronous biometrics and images with this ActiveX and COM-based component.
  • Biometrics Component
    Plug-in interface supports a variety of biometric vendor hardware and software that can manage data capture as well as 1:1 and 1:x matching algorithms.
  • Imaging Component
    Manage and modify images, including capture, display, resize, aspect ratio adjustments, enhancement, and deletion.
  • Printing & Encoding Component
    Robust component that works with most printers to encode, preview, read, add magnetic strips/smart chips, and batch print cards and passports.
  • Database Component
    Control the EPI Builder database of images and data with this JET and ODBC-compliant component.
  • Web Print Component
    Access card viewing and printing functions from any location using this HTML-interface.
  • Barcode Plug-ins
    Integrate stock and custom barcodes, using PDF417 and 2D binary data, into card designs with this plug-in component.
  • Direct Camera Interface
    Directly control a variety of Cannon cameras from the software to speed enrollment.
ImageWare EPI Builder Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, 32 or 64 bits
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) (supplied with EPI Builder installer)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later (supplied with EPI Builder installer)
  • EPI Builder plug-ins for various hardware devices (available separately) have additional hardware and software requirements.
  • EPI Builder Developer requires Microsoft Visual Studio, which may have its own hardware requirements

Build More Than Badges

The ability to accurately identify individuals is mission-critical to our borders, information systems, personal identities, and more, with EPI Builder.

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