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Software Development Kit (SDK)

EPI Builder® is a software developer’s kit (SDK) that enables software engineers, system integrators, and OEMs to develop custom identification solutions or incorporate sophisticated identification capabilities into existing applications. In some instances, developers have added ID capabilities into their applications with as few as 100 lines of code.

Designed specifically for high-end credentialing applications, EPI Builder is used for the production of highly-secure passports, driver licenses, national IDs, health cards, multi-application campus cards, transit cards, and other documents.

EPI Builder® was created with flexibility in mind to accommodate today’s rapidly shifting market requirements:

  • EPI Builder’s open architecture enables developers to easily change cameras, biometric devices, printers, barcodes, databases, and encoders without having to recode their entire applications. As a result, users can efficiently respond to shifting market demands and customer requirements with little impact on development cycles.
  • By leveraging industry-recognized standards like BOP, BIOAPI, COM, ActiveX, and ODBC, EPI Builder enables developers to use familiar interfaces, reduce learning curves and development cycles, and dramatically improve time to market.
  • Nearly a third of development costs can be attributed to testing and compatibility issues. EPI Builder supports a wide array of peripherals, readily integrates with existing software/hardware, and supports the interchange of biometric capabilities. As a result, development and testing periods are reduced, enabling developers to reduce costs and keep pricing competitive.


EPI Builder® additionally enables developers to:

  • Acquire and store biometric minutia and encode this data inline with the printing process to a smart chip on an ID card or passport
  • Add powerful face-finding technology to the image capture process that automatically locates a face, then centers and crops the image to the perfect size every time
  • Customize 2D barcode encoding software to store and retrieve biometric, image, and textual data
  • Create a custom Web-based front-end to capture photos, enroll data, and send information to a central or regional production facility
  • Build applications to conduct online employee background checks before ID cards are issued (some customization required)
  • Translate to virtually any language in the world, including double byte languages, such as simple Chinese
  • Write custom capture plug-ins to bypass traditional TWAIN or Video for Windows interfaces and talk directly to device-specific drivers, for fast image capture in high volume enrollment applications
  • Develop plug-ins to watermark, enhance or encrypt images for high-end security applications
  • Create custom drivers for any camera
  • Develop synchronization applications to extract information from human resource, student information, or other third party databases and import this data to the IWS EPI Builder database.

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