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Everything your agency needs for streamlined, efficient booking and identification. Let officers focus on the person in front of them – keeping them safe and in control of the situation.



Exactly as the name suggests: Quickly capture any and all biometric modalities, biographic data, and SMT information. From there, send it to your existing RMS, JMS, or CMS system. 



Being able to quickly search and identify individuals based on biometric images or biographical data is essential. 

QuickID identifies individuals in seconds, not minutes.  

Investigative WEb TOols

Easily create digital lineups from your database. Simple drag and drop tool on the front end, advanced capabilities on the back end. 

Optimized for ease of use and workflow efficiency. 

A full suite of Law Enforcement technology

Imageware QuickID

ImageWare QuickID can be installed into a new or pre-existing hardware configuration. 

This product is ideal for managing large biometric databases, and supports 1:1 or 1:n searches.

Search your database using:

  •  Single biometric image
  • Multiple biometrics (utilizes fusion scoring for improved accuracy)
  • Biographic data

Integrates with current hardware and easily installs onto new devices. No hardware or device lock-in. 

Integrates with all third party vendors and technology providers. If you are concerned about integration compatibility, please contact us with your exact configuration and we can provide a compatibility review.

Supports investigative submissions with State & Federal agencies. 

Imageware QuickCapture

This software module can be integrated into your existing hardware configuration, or a new setup we can help you build. For best results, it is recommended to use with our complete Cloud Solution.

Wizard-based interface for quick processing and ease of use. Compact system, compact workflow. 

Capture any or all of the following modalities:

  • Face
  • Fingerprint 
  • 10-print slap or roll 
  • Palm 
  • Iris 
  • Scars, Marks, Tattoos (SMT) 

Station can be touchless and automated. Officers do not have to be tethered to their station to process individuals. 

Works with wide range of camera types for face capture: 

  • Webcam 
  • Phone camera
  • Fixed camera 
  • PTZ camera & more 

Currently integrated with all major third party technology and hardware vendors. Contact us if you need to confirm a specific configuration. 


Imageware Investigative Tools

This is a web based application that lets you create and display digital photo lineups, or mug books.

It can be incorporated into our other solutions for the fastest and easiest workflow, and is only available when you use the full Cloud-based solution.

Accessible on any operating system, including: 

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux 

Easily search records using biographic data or other data points. 

View a complete list of matches, or specific matching records. 

Simple interface that allows users to drag and drop records into a digital lineup. Lineups can be dynamic and in groups of 6, 8, or 12 records. 

View images in groups, or scroll one by one. 

For additional details or to see a demo, please contact our solutions team through the form below. 

Decades of Law Enforcement Success

With a rich history as the first digital booking platform created for US Law Enforcement over 20 years ago, we specialize in partnering with agencies and working with all system administrators – no matter what size the agency is.

All IWS Government software products are architected from our patented Biometric Engine® (BE), the world’s only database optimized to process multiple biometric factors.  No middleware/real-time identity authentication: fast, accurate, secure. Unlike single-purpose specialists who try and lock you into their algorithms, we are algorithm agnostic.

That means we’re able to offer up to 16 different biometric modalities with no hardware lock-in.  True Software as a Solution, purpose-built for your agency. 

ImageWare Systems, Inc. is a leader in fusion-matching when searching with multiple biometrics. This industry-leading accuracy ensures your officers are always confident in exactly who is in front of them.

Learn more about how we partnered with one agency to integrate their systems with 24 others in this case study – Arizona Department of Public Safety.


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