ImageWare IoT DNA Security

Securely Authenticate both the User and Device Identity

Cybersecurity is the #1 Challenge for IoT Deployments

IoT Security Challenges

  • Information Technology (IT) concerns differ from Operational Technology (OT) audiences.
  • Traditional IT security approaches cause resistance in the OT environment.
  • An alternative and innovative security approach is needed to ease the adoption.

Asset security is the most challenging PROBLEM for IOT platform and Application providers

  • How do you identify and validate, manage, secure and control the devices that are added to your network?
  • How do you accurately authenticate the users with the authority to access these devices?

Absolutes of IoT Security

  • Prevent unauthorized or compromised devices from being used for cybersecurity attacks.
  • Prevent unauthorized or malicious users from accessing devices for fraudulent purposes.

IoT Industry Problems Addressed by ImageWare IoT DNA

Security – According to Gartner*

  • Cybersecurity is the #1 Challenge for IoT Deployments.
  • Traditional cybersecurity strategies have slowed adoption rates for IoT projects.
  • Relying on devices for security decisions is inadequate.
  • *Source:  “The Death of IoT Security as You Know It”, Gartner, 14 Nov 2017

Scalability – According to IDC

  • Global IoT Devices: 7 billion today, 80 billion by 2025**
  • Leading Cloud-based IoT platform vendors will need to store billions of IoT device DNA.
  • Telecoms would also need to store device data for billions of IoT devices.
  • **Source:  “IDC: Worldwide Internet of Things Installed based by Connectivity Forecast, 2017-2021”

ImageWare’s IoT DNA Security Solutions

Secure User Access to the IOT Devices, Data, and Applications

Easily add Multiple Biometrics, MFA, and 2FA user authentication for securing access to IoT devices, IoT device data, IoT applications, IoT gateways, and IoT platforms.

ImageWare Biometric Engine® for IoT DNA

  • Provides fast, scalable, secure, and anonymous – storage, transmission, and matching of IoT Device DNA data, and user biometric templates.
  • Includes proprietary algorithms and encryption for biometric template storage and matching.
  • Broadest range of biometric types (face, voice, palm, fingerprint, iris, etc.).
  • Two-factor, multi-factor, and biometric authentication in a single platform.
  • Agnostic of device types, biometric types, biometric vendors – easily adding them.
  • Patented, purpose-built, high-performance, ultra-scalable, platform.
  • Support Apple iOS, Android devices, Windows, Mac, Linux, and biometric devices.

Secure the IOT Device Data

Easily plug-in our purpose-built database for device DNA data to enhance the performance, scalability, security, and functionality of IoT platforms and applications.

ImageWare Biometric Engine® for IoT DNA

  • Includes special hash algorithm for IoT Device DNA storage and matching.
  • Offered as a multi-tenant cloud SaaS, public or private clouds, or on-prem.
  • REST APIs for easy integration with IoT platforms and applications.
  • Ability to perform fast duplicity checks to find fraudulent “twin” devices.
  • Encryption and separation of device DNA from device identifiers for added security.

ImageWare’s IoT Security – Use Case Example

Connected Worker – grant only approved users access to appropriate IoT devices

By combining our advanced user authentication and device data security capabilities, IoT platform and application vendors can securely connect only authorized users to their approved and appropriate devices at the appropriate time, location and environment. Meeting industry standards and current legislative requirements.

Source: Hexagon PPM

ImageWare Biometric Engine for IoT DNA

Register new and authenticate existing IoT Devices using IoT DNA™

ImageWare Biometric Engine for IoT DNA adds security for IoT DNA™ data to our user biometric authentication capabilities, and are all part of our expanding Digital Identity Platform.

  • Segregates IoT Device DNA storage from other components
  • Performs sophisticated hashing and encryption algorithms
  • Detects duplicate IoT Device DNA as possible cyberattacks
  • Significantly increases the security of the IoT Device Platform

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