Gartner Research Paper: “Balance Trust and Agility With Good Authentication Choices for Workforce Local Access”

Download this complimentary Gartner Research to help you select the most appropriate authentication methods for each of your systems and use cases. According to Gartner, “No single authentication method can address the varied trust requirements associated with several local workplace use cases — including access to virtualized desktop and BYOPC environments.”

Cloud-Based Identity and Authentication: Biometrics-as-a-Service

ImageWare describes how its ImageWare Authenticate Enterprise Suite addresses these challenges to provide a cost-effective, enterprise-ready, end-to-end biometric authentication solution for the Microsoft ecosystem. In the newsletter, the architecture, components, features and benefits of the solution are described.

Cloud-Based Identity and Authentication: Biometrics-as-a-Service

As a leading ICT services provider, Fujitsu envisions developing a cloud-based biometrics platform that is hardware and algorithm agnostic to match the multifaceted business needs of users. Its new Biometrics-as-a-Service meets the need for holistic end-to-end provisioning of an enterprise grade, cloud-based identity platform through Fujitsu’s successful partnership with ImageWare.

Ovum “On The Radar” Research Featuring ImageWare Systems

Biometrics used as a component of secure multi-factor authentication is well established, but has often been limited to highly secure environments. The ImageWare approach of delivering next-generation biometric technology as an interactive and scalable cloud-based service, by providing authentication via the latest range of smart mobile devices, engages IWS with two of the most challenging and at the same time dynamic areas of the technology market.