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GoVerifyID® Biometric Password Reset

Mobile World Congress 2014

aNewDomain.net’s Todd Townsend gains insight into ImageWare’s GoMobile Interactive multi-modal biometric cloud platform for identity management at Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC 2014) in Barcelona with Chuck AuBuchon from ImageWare Systems (OTCQB:IWSY)

GoMobile Interactive®

GoMobile Interactive® is a push application platform secured by biometrics that transforms mobile devices into a complete mobile ID. The biometrics-based authentication gives users the confidence that their personal information is secure, while the push marketing capabilities of the technology allow companies unparalleled interactivity that can be personalized to the needs and interests of their customers. Watch how Mr. Workman uses his biometrics to complete a financial transaction abroad.

GoVerifyID® Biometric Password Reset

Verifying with biometrics can be used in many different scenarios. Instead of answering questions, or clicking on a link inside an email, GoVerifyID can allow you to reset a password by verifying with your biometrics.

Introducing the pillphone®

The pillphone is a biometrically secured mobile health management application, powered by GoMobile Interactive, that enables medication adherence. This FDA-cleared application offers interactive medication adherence reminders and information exchange to help healthcare payers, providers, and others connect with patients. Watch this video to see a vertical example of what you can do with GoMobile Interactive and GoVerifyID®.

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2FA and Beyond for Financial Services

Consumers are more concerned about bank fraud and ID theft than terrorist attacks. And, the majority of consumers are concerned about the theft of bank accounts, credit card information and financial passwords (Source: fico.com).

Many financial services firms have provided two-factor authentication to increase security; however, this is not enough. Join ImageWare Systems to learn how GoVerifyID provides greater security with a better user experience, lower cost, and easy deployment.

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2FA and Beyond – Smart Authentication that Will Grow With Your Business

The substantial increase in the number of recent data breaches highlights the vulnerability of passwords, as compromised passwords are used in the vast majority of such breaches. Many organizations have adopted traditional two-factor authentication (2FA). This second factor provides additional security; however, does it really solve the problem? ImageWare Systems’ GoVerifyID provides the ultimate security with better user experience, lower cost, and the flexibility to address all of your authentication needs.

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Biometric Authentication for your Microsoft Ecosystem

Learn how to use your face, voice, or fingerprint to log into any Microsoft ecosystem. See how GoVerifyID provides both a better user experience and enhanced security at a lower cost for securing your Microsoft infrastructure.

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How to Secure Your Enterprise Network and Data

Protecting enterprise data can be difficult in today’s mobile world. Weak, insecure passwords make it easy for hackers to wreak havoc and threaten priceless intellectual capital. Join Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and ImageWare Systems, a leader in mobile biometric user authentication, for a webinar to learn about:

  • Biometrics and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased network security
  • Making authentication a real-time experience with policy management and MFA
  • Replacing weak passwords to protect company data and assets

Find out how you can become the password with biometrics, MFA and policy management, and better secure your enterprise network.

David Harding, CTO at ImageWare and Trent Fierro, Director of Security Solutions at Aruba

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Achieving Speed, Accuracy & Scalability with Voice Biometrics

No longer are voice biometrics tentatively tested in single channels and measured against purely theoretical equal error rates. In reality, businesses are implementing high performance solutions that easily scale, yet deliver a consistently low friction user experience and strong security across a business.

In this webinar, Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research, joins ValidSoft’s VP for North America, Shawn Edmunds, and Image Ware System’s CTO and VP David Harding to discuss how successful integration of highly optimized voice biometrics has never been easier or more cost effective for your business.

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The Fascinating World of Biometric Security

The CA Partner Cast Podcast is the podcast that allows CA Technologies Partners to talk about their role in the Application Economy. In Episode 7, we welcome ImageWare Systems’ (IWS) Chairman and CEO Jim Miller. IWS is a biometric software security company that specializes in using biometrics as extremely reliable authenticators of identity. You probably aren’t aware, but IWS has been providing services to governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide for well over a decade and will soon be bringing its three-factor authentication capabilities to the consumer market. IWS and CA offer the only biometrically authenticated SSO product available in the market today.

CA Partner Cast

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