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ImageWare provides two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor authentication services for everyone, from turnkey systems to completely customized white label solutions. Our easy-to-use systems are flexible enough to incorporate with your existing infrastructure or we can help you build yours from the ground up. No matter what level of service your business is looking for, we can help. Explore our offerings to learn more about what products make up each service or contact our sales department directly to start working on your customized service immediately.

Mobile Authentication

With 67% of users saying they have “no trust” in current mobile authentication methods and record numbers of passwords being stolen everyday, it is time to re-think mobile security. Customers need an easy, simple, and secure way for mobile authentication, while companies seek risk-appropriate mobile device authentication methods that balance assurance and accountability against total cost of ownership and user experience.

GoVerifyID is supported on nearly all smart mobile devices, providing authentication based on face, voice, palm, and fingerprint biometrics as well as two-factor and multi-factor methods. Using our innovative GoCloudID® and GoMobile Interactive® products, ImageWare can turn your smartphone into a mobile authentication platform that is secured anonymously in the cloud. This ensures that your customers’ credentials are safe, even if their device is stolen; you are secure knowing that your mobile application is secured with the most effective mobile device authentication method available.

ImageWare Systems can secure your mobile payment application with a device’s own capacity to photograph and accept voice commands with our easy-to-use, mobile authentication platform, GoMobile Interactive. Not only does GoMobile Interactive provide mobile device authentication for your application using multi-modal, two-factor, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication, but in the event your customer’s account is compromised through a lost card or hacked account, GoMobile Interactive can transform into a 2-way communication platform.

GoMobile Interactive is an application platform secured by biometrics and other factors, which make mobile payments as secure as possible.

With GoMobile Interactive, a mobile payment company can:

  • Enable and accelerate development of 2FA, MFA and biometrically-enabled mobile transaction applications
  • Deliver unparalleled security that will help mobile devices replace traditional wallets
  • Allow the use of at least two biometric measures
  • Protect consumer transactions and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with patent-pending anonymous matching capabilities

Access Control

ImageWare software works with Physical Access Control vendor products to grant access to secure physical facilities based on identification cards and/or biometrics.  ImageWare products are used by leading physical access control system vendors.

ID Badge by EPI Suite

EPI Suite is the market’s most robust photo ID badge software solution that enables users to design, print, and encode high security, professional ID badges and credentials.

EPI Suite’s extensive set of features incorporate ease-of-use and efficiency into every step. ImageWare’s smart face-finding tool enables any camera to automatically locate, center, and crop a face. Through its customized camera driver, the image is then easily transferred into the database to speed and simplify the ID badge enrollment process. With minimal training, users can quickly create a consistent and high-quality photo ID badge.

EPI Suite comes with standard ID badge design or users may custom create an unlimited number of full-color, dual-sided ID badges. EPI Suite also comes with a variety of design tools that enable users to:

  • Add barcodes and magnetic strips to ID badge designs
  • Import graphics for backgrounds
  • Add logos, text, and more

EPI Suite is set apart by its ability to efficiently manage large amounts of data, photos, and ID badge designs. As a result, searching for, sorting, and creating multiple cards is much faster and easier. To enhance security, EPI Suite is password protected and includes the ability to encode data onto ID badges with magnetic strips, barcodes, or smart chips.

Regardless of your organization’s specific requirements, there is an EPI Suite product that is right for you.

ImageWare’s premier photo ID badge software for large organizations, with multi-user network installations, that need to cost-effectively issue, manage, produce, and control thousands of secure ID badges. It is designed specifically to manage large amounts of data, images, and badge designs.

EPI Suite Pro enables users to:

  • Track and issue multiple badges per person
  • Automatically populate multiple badges with one person’s data, eliminating redundant data entry
  • Conduct a variety of batch operations like reissuing, updating, printing, or adding groups of badges at once
  • Encode magnetic stripes, bar codes, and smart chips inline with the printing process

EPI Suite Pro is ideal for large or multi-facility corporations, government organizations, transportation companies, public utilities, and universities.

Law Enforcement

IWS Law Enforcement software is a scalable, easy-to-use digital booking, identification, and investigative solution accessible via PC, Web, wireless, and data sharing platforms. IWS Law Enforcement database software components listed below cover the full range of Law Enforcement booking and investigation.


ImageWare’s Law Enforcement database software creates records and captures images (facial, fingerprint, iris, SMT, etc.) as well as biographic text data. This information may easily be synchronized with existing agency’s JMS, RMS, or Livescan systems so redundant data entry is either limited or eliminated.  Officers can use this law enforcement records management sofware to perform detailed searches that allow them to create unique reports and print ID badges or wristbands.


ImageWare offers a family of mobile and fixed-station 2FA, MFA, and biometric enrollment and identity verification applications connected to a secure cloud-based biometric matching engine. Doctors, nurses, IT staff and/or patients requesting identity verification for their Single Sign-On (SSO) or Active Directory use. It enables out-of-band verification using any mobile devices, bringing ultimate security and convenience to protect your sensitive healthcare data. It allows clinicians and IT staff secure unprecedented access to your systems, from their personal mobile device, through an automated and future-proof process. GoVerifyID can be integrated into any existing enterprise application with no coding required.


Upwards of 85% of hospitals today allow BYOD (bring your own device)1. Innovation in the mobile industry promises great opportunities for healthcare organizations, enabling improved employee productivity, enhanced patient outcomes and satisfaction, and creation of new revenue streams. In order to capitalize on these opportunities, IT organizations in healthcare will have to manage increased investment requests in mobility, while contending with tight budgets.


Mobility for healthcare range from devices, applications, content, and email/messaging. With this growing connectedness in healthcare, comes the growing likelihood of phishing attacks and data breaches. Last year 80% of security breaches took place not through hacking or virus attacks, but through system infiltration facilitated by the use of a known password2. Passwords becoming compromised is unavoidable.

Countless entry points into healthcare systems

Passwords are highly vulnerable
and a cornerstone of system security today


Multi-Modal (face, fingerprint, palm, voice, etc.) Biometric Authentication along with Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication not only solves the twisted puzzle that is today’s complex IT security conundrum, it improves it for everyone involved — making it easier and more secure than ever before.

Your biometrics (your voice, face, palm, fingerprint, etc,) are like an unforgettable password you always have access to. You no longer need to remember your passwords, answers to your password reset questions, or carry a hardware device like a smartcard. Complex passwords? Now you can forget about those too.

With nearly 90% of healthcare providers3 reporting data breaches, costing an average of $2.1 million per hospital, isn’t it about time you invested in better security? Talk to ImageWare today and learn just how simple and cost effective it is to secure with biometrics.
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You become the password.