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Identity Authentication

Identity Authentication

Passwords, PINs, and other traditional two-factor authentication methods are inherently weak and provide the most common attack vector for data breaches, leading to identity theft and financial fraud. Non-biometric forms of authentication, while increasing the security, fail to authenticate the true identity of the person.  

ImageWare’s ImageWare Authenticate Identity Authentication is a turnkey mobile app that runs on such devices providing an easily configured and rebranded authenticator for both workforce and consumer use cases.  

Standard mobile devices today easily support face, voice, palm image, and fingerprint biometrics.

ImageWare Authenticate also provides turnkey authentication products for Microsoft Windows PCs, MacOS computers, and Linux computers.

These computers typically include or support fingerprint devices, microphones and webcams.

ImageWare Authenticate provide turnkey solutions for capturing fingerprints, face images, palm images, and voice samples from standard computers for authentication purposes.  

Each of the non-biometric authentication methods has its own set of vulnerabilities such as lost/stolen devices, man-in-the-middle attacks, and SMS weaknesses.

Only biometrics as an additional layer of security combined within a multi-modal security solution and in conjunction with biometric identity proofing can authenticate the user’s true identity.

Multi-factor authentication increases the layers of security thereby eliminating this single point of attack.

ImageWare’s underlying biometric authentication technology is purposely designed, built and deployed to support over a dozen different biometric modalities including face, voice, palm, iris, retina, fingerprint(s), palm print, finger vein, palm vein, DNA, etc.

ImageWare Authenticate PC based products can also use the ImageWare Authenticate mobile app for out-of-band authentication workflows.

The ImageWare Authenticate Identity Authentication products include certified integration with leading access management products including Microsoft Active Directory, Linux Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM), and leading Enterprise Identity Access Management and Single Sign-On products from CA, ForgeRock, HPE, IBM, SAP, and others.

ImageWare’s approach of integrating with the leading access management products alleviates the challenges of some other vendors that require integration with each application of interest.  

The use of a single, centralized authentication system greatly reduces IT efforts, licensing costs, and the size of the security attack surface.

Digital Identity Platform Brochure

The ImageWare Digital Identity Platform includes a robust set of turnkey applications and rich platform services supporting the full lifecycle of digital identity management. This includes identity creation, on- boarding, proofing, identity authentication, and user identification.

The Platform provides complete identity management for federated identity management ecosystem solutions with robust capabilities including reconciliation, duplicity checking, and complete off-boarding.

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Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing is the primary feature of this platform, as it enables organizations to validate the digital identity of individuals as part of a seamless onboarding process using a range of turnkey and highly configurable methods.

Identity Authentication

ImageWare’s Identity Authentication capabilities include the broadest set of biometrics on both mobile devices and PCs, along with other multi-factor authentication methods.

Identity Management

The Identity Management capabilities include features for administrating the entire lifecycle process of digital identities related to user authentication, and is provided via administrator consoles, and APIs. The capabilities can be used in conjunction with our turnkey products and for developing federated identity ecosystems.

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