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Digital Identity platform

Identity Management

Identity Management

The ImageWare Digital Identity Platform™ includes a robust set of turnkey applications and rich platform services supporting the full lifecycle of digital identity management from identity creation on-boarding, and proofing, and then providing identity authentication and user identification.

Further, the Platform provides complete identity management for federated identity management ecosystem solutions with robust capabilities including reconciliation, duplicity checking, and complete off-boarding.

This identity management solution includes an application framework for quickly creating vertical industry applications that need to leverage robust identity lifecycle capabilities.

The QuickApps family of applications enables desktop applications to be easily created with a broad range of biometric and biographical information capture and management.


The QuickCapture application supports a broad range of biometric capture devices and a configurable user interface to capture information for new identities.


The QuickBadge application supports many popular Smart ID Card printers including embedded biometric data.


QuickID provides a robust, configurable user interface for searching the identities using any combination of partial biometric and/or biographic information.

Industry Use Cases for Identity Management

Law Enforcement

The IWS Law Enforcement suite includes capture stations that add new identities to the system when suspects are booked including government-grade fingerprints, mug-shots, and detailed information about the person’s name, address, and criminal charges.  

The IWS Law Enforcement suite also includes a forensic investigation station that enables partial biometric and biometric data such as partial fingerprints and low-quality facial images to be used to search for possible suspects.


Similarly, ImageWare’s IWS Credentialing Driver’s License solutions including on-boarding stations for capture biographical data along with face pictures and fingerprint images to be included as part of the driver’s license card.

Separate drivers’ license printing stations use this information and interface with leading smart card printers to produce the driver’s license IDs.

And corporate systems for creating employee badges are also based on this technology.


Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing is the primary feature of this platform, as it enables organizations to validate the digital identity of individuals as part of a seamless onboarding process using a range of turnkey and highly configurable methods.

Identity Authentication

ImageWare’s Identity Authentication capabilities include the broadest set of biometrics on both mobile devices and PCs, along with other multi-factor authentication methods.

Identity Management

The Identity Management capabilities include features for administrating the entire lifecycle process of digital identities related to user authentication, and is provided via administrator consoles, and APIs. The capabilities can be used in conjunction with our turnkey products and for developing federated identity ecosystems.

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