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Identity Proofing


Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing is a set of activities that provides a high level of confidence that the identity claimed by a new customer or user corresponds to the owner of that real-world identity. These activities must validate that the real-world identity exists, that the digital identity matches, and that the person making the identity claim also matches.

Traditional methods of identity proofing using personally identifiable information (PII) is no longer adequate due to the numerous data breaches of such sensitive information.

Verifying previous addresses, phone numbers, mother’s maiden names and the like is not an adequate method of identity proofing any longer.

Layering specific types of PII verification on top of biometrics and government issued IDs can dramatically improve user identity assurance.

The following cross-correlations of biometric and biographic data from multiple sources increases the identity assurance several fold.

Validate Authenticity

Validate the authenticity of a government issued ID (Drivers’ License, Passport, etc.)

Compare image

Compare a face (or fingerprint) image from the government issued ID card with a live selfie (or fingerprint swipe) from the new user.

Compare Data

Compare the biometric data with external sources (if available).

Compare Address

Compare the home address shown on the ID card, with external sources (if available).

Identity Proofing for Digital On-Boarding

ImageWare’s Identity Proofing provides a flexible turnkey solution allowing organizations to validate the identity of users as part of a seamless digital on-boarding process.

New customers can use their mobile phone to take a picture of their driver’s license or other government-issued ID card, take a selfie, or enter other identifying information as appropriate to prove their identity.

For example, in the US, Canada, Europe and many parts of the world, driver’s licenses and passports provide several authenticity validation features including encrypted data in the bar codes on the IDs that must match the printed information.

The use of holograms or watermarks over face images reduces the ability of fraudsters tampering with them. Further, centralized sources are available to validate the current home address in the US, providing further validation that the driver’s license is not old or fraudulent.

In Mexico, the National Voters Registration Card (INE) provides a national citizen identity management system with government managed, centralized fingerprint comparison capabilities.

Fingerprints can be captured from the live user and submitted to an INE agency for authentication purposes. Further the INE Card includes a tamper-resistant user photo that can be used for comparison with a live selfie.


Capture id card images


Validation of Government ID Cards


Capture and OCR of user information


Capture of facial biometrics


Multiple liveness assurance checks


Biometric match between ID Card and selfie


Quick and easy identity proofing experience

Minimizing user friction during the identity proofing process is critical for reducing customer abandonment and user dissatisfaction.

The identity proofing methods described here have a minimal level of friction.

The user just needs to capture a picture of their ID Card and take a selfie or swipe their finger on an approved fingerprint reader.

ImageWare Authenticate Identity Proofing™ is a highly configurable turnkey product that provides identity proofing for digital onboarding and can be used in conjunction with our Identity Authentication™ and Management Solutions.


ImageWare Authenticate Identity Proofing can be easily configured to work with the desired ID cards, to capture and optionally store the desired types of live biometric data, to perform the desire biometric comparisons, and to further validate the user identity with nearly any external data source. The end-user mobile application is also easily rebranded to meet your company requirements. 

ImageWare Authenticate Identity Proofing also includes an Identity Management Portal that can be configured as desired to validate the user identities automatically, manually, or using an appropriate hybrid approach. The thresholds for each aspect of the identity proofing process can be set as desired, along with an overall threshold for approval.

The Management Portal can also be used to review and audit identity proofing information, and for reconciliation purposes.

The ImageWare Digital Identity Platform also provides a robust and flexible framework that can be easily extended and configured to provide customized identity proof workflows and capabilities. This includes the comparison of information with nearly any external data sources from governments, commercial services, or internal company information. These can be used in a range of use cases such as:


Know Your Customer (KYC)


Anti Money Laundering (AML)


Black List Exclusions

Lost/Stolen IDs, Suspect Persons, etc.

Additional Biometric Comparisons

Digital On-Boarding: How it Works

Digital Identity Platform Brochure

The ImageWare Digital Identity Platform includes a robust set of turnkey applications and rich platform services supporting the full lifecycle of digital identity management. This includes identity creation, on- boarding, proofing, identity authentication, and user identification.

The Platform provides complete identity management for federated identity management ecosystem solutions with robust capabilities including reconciliation, duplicity checking, and complete off-boarding.

Learn more by downloading our free PDF brochure.


Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing is the primary feature of this platform, as it enables organizations to validate the digital identity of individuals as part of a seamless onboarding process using a range of turnkey and highly configurable methods.

Identity Authentication

ImageWare’s Identity Authentication capabilities include the broadest set of biometrics on both mobile devices and PCs, along with other multi-factor authentication methods.

Identity Management

The Identity Management capabilities include features for administrating the entire lifecycle process of digital identities related to user authentication, and is provided via administrator consoles, and APIs. The capabilities can be used in conjunction with our turnkey products and for developing federated identity ecosystems.

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