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EPI Builder Technical Support

EPI Builder Support Phone: (858) 683-7940  – Hours: 8am-5pm (Pacific Time) Weekdays

Important Notices About Activating EPI Licenses

  • All activating and revoking of EPI Builder, Designer, and Plug-in licenses must be performed by right-clicking on the Activation tool (Client License Manager), and selecting “Run as administrator”. Please see full instructions here: PDF Download
  • A reminder that all EPI licenses must be revoked before transferring them to a new PC or reformatting any hard drives.
  • Having problems? Please contact IWS Support for further details.

Activate EPI Builder

  • Activating or Revoking your EPI Builder license via internet is recommended if available, otherwise a manual request can be made via our Online Support form. Please see full instructions here: PDF Download
  • Please have your product license number ready when you call.
  • Note: License numbers begin with the characters “IW”

EPI Builder Technical Documents

EPI Builder White Paper:
PDF Download

Programming Languages

IWS EPI Builder® is 100% compliant with Microsoft COM technology. ImageWare also supports the following development platforms:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net – C#, C++ and Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6 – Visual C++ and Visual Basic
  • Borland Delphi

EPI Builder Downloads

EPI Builder works with the most popular devices and operating systems. Please note that IWS Plug-ins need to be both installed and activated on your PC. Please contact your vendor or Channel Partner to obtain an EPI license for your plugin.

Canon EOS Plug-in
Version: 6.9.101 Download

3M AT9000 Scanner plug-in
Version: 6.9.86 Download

IrisID ICAM 7000 plug-in
Version: 6.9.93 Download

IrisID TD100 Face and Iris
Version: 6.9.93 Download

ePad-Ink Signature Pad plug-in
Version 6.9.77 Download

Topaz SigPlus Signature Pad
Version: 6.9.100 Download

i3 digID Fingerprint Livescan
Version: 6.9.91 (x86 Driver) Download
Version: 6.9.91 (x64 Driver) Download

DirectX image capture plug-in
Version: 6.9.92 Download

QRCode Layout Plug-in
Version: 6.9.100 Download