How sure are you that only authorized new employees are accessing your network?

How do you ensure the integrity of your digital assets?

If you are not remotely validating the identity of every connection to your system, you could be susceptible to criminal intrusion. Biometrics plays a key role in creating and “proofing” digital identities, assuring that the person on the valid ID card is the one requesting remote access.

Digital identities backed by biometric-based proofing is the only way to accurately validate the owner of a legal identity before enabling access. 

From onboarding customers to financial services, or onboarding new employees, in today’s ever-connected, remote world, Identity Proofing is crucial to identity management.


Biometric proofing is a critical security layer to ensure everyone accessing your network is uniquely who they say they are. Learn how to build trust with a digital identity and how to validate these identities throughout the entire lifecycle, and not just during enrollment.

Join us on December 9, 2020 at 11 a.m. PST, to listen to a lively discussion hosted by Chris Dickson, ImageWare’s Vice President of Sales, who will be joined by Mark Blackman, Vice President of Product Management, and special guest, Shaun Strydom, Founder and CEO of Contactable to discuss their Identity-as-a-Service solution, Stay Contactable.

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